At the root of Laboratorium LA is this idea of the modern individual with an active lifestyle uninterested in dressing to meet expectations.

Rather than designing two separate collections tailored to gender specific needs, all garments are unisex in design and altered in fit for the masculine and feminine silhouettes.

The garments are versatile without losing an understated sophistication, and the collection is made entirely in one colorway which allows for the garments to be easily interchanged, allowing for new stylish looks to be mixed and matched every single day.


Within the Laboratorium LA collection, performance essentials have been rendered by luxury. Positioning activewear to meet the needs of the professional and active individual, our garments are as elegant and versatile as they are functional in an everyday setting.

In writing a new vocabulary for both womenswear and menswear alike, we believe in clothing that asserts one’s power and grace, without compromising on comfort.

Laboratorium LA has embarked on creating a movement in which clothing becomes effortless on an everyday basis.

As an unrivaled brand in the Athletic Luxury segment, our collection is timeless in both senses of the word; each season is rooted in timeless pieces, and our collections build with time, creating a continuance in the garments where they become more wearable as the seasons evolve.

Offering a full wardrobe from clothing to footwear, luggage and travel essentials, we ensure the highest possible quality. All materials are developed in Japan, Italy, and the United States and all garments are handmade in Italy and the United States.

Active - Blending style with ergonomic athletic wear

Wearing gym clothes beyond the gym has never been more fitting. In blending functionality with fashion, Laboratorium LA’s Active pieces are engineered with the highest quality materials and made to empower the individual to look and feel elegant in and outside of the gym.

Recovery - Designed for active individuals post-performance

Engineered with recovery fabrics such as merino wool, cashmere, silk and sheepskin, the recovery garments were created to help the body restore itself. Keeping class and style in mind, our recovery collection looks as good as it feels.


Laboratorium LA travel and luggage collection was made to travel. These products are in response to the varied lifestyle of the modern traveler; one who expects things to be comfortable and versatile enough to accommodate one’s changing schedule, without compromising on style.

Introducing a line of luxury luggage we offer 24 hour, 48 hour and 72 hour bags that you can pack with cross activy outfits appropriate for work, the gym and a night on the town. Making sure you will be equipped with garments suitable for any time of the day.


Introducing two classics, Sneaker number 1 and Sneaker number 2 are now an inherent part of the Laboratorium LA footwear collection, evolving season to season.

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